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7M Prize Pool! PGSOFT Bonus Roulette Challenge

PGSOFT Bonus Roulette Challenge

PGSOFT New Event Started! “PGSOFT Bonus Roulette Challenge”.
Play PGSOFT’s Games and Win Prize!!

Prize: 7,000,000 PHP


  • Bet 12 bonus games for ₱4,200 to get 1 ticket(1) instantly
  • Bonus Spin: redeem 1 ticket to get random bonus
  • Bonus Claim:
    Spin for bonus and start challenge mode(2), bet on 8 challenge games with 2X turonver for bonus(3)
  • Bonus Cancelled: challenge mode would be expired in 48 hours or at event close
  • All tickets must redeem before 23rd, JUL 2023, 12:00 (PM) (GMT+8)
  • Company reserves the right to amend, suspend or cancel the promotion at any time


1: Max 50 tickets every day
2: Challenge mode will stay for 48 hours, and must finish before ticket redeem time
3: EX: Bonus claim on 23/07 19:00 PM get ₱100 bonus and start challenge mode, bet ₱200 turonver to get ₱100 bonus. Challenge mode will expire on 25/07 19:00 PM


Bonus Games

12 Bonus Games

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