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Tournament events “PGSOFT Slot Tournament Apr 2023” started.
53 players have a chance to win daily prizes!
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PGSOFT Slot Tournament Apr 2023

PGSOFT Slot Tournament Apr 2023

Terms and Conditions

  • PGSOFT Platform
  • Winning/Bet ratio more than 200x will be ranked
  • List 53 Ranking

Tournament Rewards

  • Daily Reward
    1st Prize 10,000 peso
    2nd Prize 7,000 peso
    3rd Prize 3,000 peso
    4th-53th Prize 500 peso
  • Weekly Reward (Daily Top Winning would be Required)
    1st Prize 15,000 peso
    2nd~5th Prize 5,000 peso

Points to be Noted

*Ranking could delay for 30 minutes and would reward to your account by 13:00 every day.

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PGSOFT Popular Game Ranking Apr 2023

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